Breastless But Still Breathing:

A Breast Cancer Survivor's Journey
by Anita DuJardin Hockers
 with Kathleen Marie Marsh

Synopsis: Compelling memoir of Green Bay author Anita DuJardin Hockers who was diagnosed with breast cancer in August, 2004. The book details Anita's gritty, valiant response to her cancer treatment and recovery. Laugh, cry, and empathize with her as she endures the loss of her hair, fingernails, skin, and nearly every female part of her body, in her valiant fight for survival. This book radiates hope and courage in the face of fearful odds. (May 2006)


I found your book today while I was shopping for a gift for my niece. It always amazes me how the right things come to you when you need them, if you pay attention. I really needed your book today, and I sat down and read it cover to cover. I am truly inspired by what you have written. Thanks for sharing your journey with me. It will be of such help to anyone who
is stricken and and all those who will go through this dreadful disease with them.
Linda, Green Bay

Anita's honesty, spunk and no-holds-barred revelations make this book a quick, insighful read. Anita proves breast cancer is not just an issue for women; it's a family issue. A must-read for women and the men who love them.
John Maino
Radio/Television Personality and Author

Breastless But Still Breathin
g is an amazing testimonial to the fact that having cancer can bring a renewed sense of faith, hope, strength, and stronger bonds with family and friends. Anita's book proves there is a silver lining: something wonderful can come from a horrible experience. As a cancer survivor myself, I cannot thank her enough for saying what I truly believe: we must not look back, only forward, and our mission is to help others truly understand.
Marti Spittell Ziegelbauer
Marti Spittell Ziegelbauer Foundation for Reproductive Health

An endearing story. Readers will connect with Anita on what it's like to live with a breast cancer diagnosis. Her honesty, humor, determination, and zest for life will surely touch your heart. Thank  you for sharing your story and offering hope to those affected with breast cancer.
Kathy Miller
Ribbon of Hope Foundation

I cannot tell you how much this book meant to me. I HATE that it's a true story, but thank you, Anita, for writing it. I know it will help countless others cope with the beast called breast cancer. You are one HELL of a courageous woman!
Patti Beske
Cancer Care-Giver


Breastless But Still Breathing: A Breast Cancer Survivor's Story

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