If you saw Ken Burns' WWII  Documentary, you will rave about this book!


Elaine Johnson, Kathleen Marsh and Gerhard Johnson at a book signing event.
Gerhard is the subject of My Mother Kept a Scrapbook: the True Story of a WWII POW.
We are heartbroken. Gerhard passed away at the age of 82 in March 2007.

Midwest Book Reviews Wisconsin Book Watch June 2005

Captured during the ill-fated Allied offensive in Italy in January 1944, Army Private Gerhard Johnson did not expect to ever see his family again. As a prisoner of the Nazis, he endured 15 months of hell, deprived of the most basic human needs: food, water, shelter, sanitation, and medical care. Determined to come home to the only woman he had ever loved, Gerhard lost over a third his body weight while somehow managing to survive. This is his story.
Meanwhile, back home in Central Wisconsin, his mother wrote letters, send Red Cross parcels, and filled a scrapbook in an amazing effort to keep her absent son alive as long as she possibly could. This is her story too. Read and recommended by Ex-POW's worldwide!


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Reviews of My Mother Kept a Scrapbook

*****VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED reading and a welcome contribution to ther growing library of
World War II memoirs. A personal and dramatic story, preserved for present and future generations with the help of Kathleen Marie Marsh.
Midwest Book Reviews June 2005

Kathie did an excellent job of relating my husband's experiences. There are many things in the book even I did not know about as Gerhard never talked about them until now.
Elaine Johnson, Wausau

Gerhard's book is a fabulous read--kudos to him! Here is one appreciative reader/veteran prodigy who found the voice of his experience and humor inspiring. I especially like his side comments such as: "I was also issued the standard 45 Colt sidearm for up-close and personal fighting I foolishly thought I'd never see." A frank and true testament to youthful immortality...and "No kevlar, no solar flashlight, no GPS, no cell phone, no Game Boy..." Brilliant! Thank you, Kathleen, for helping to get this story out there. It does make one appreciate the life/freedom these brave heroes granted us.
Sandy Peppler, Toronto, Ontario

This book is a call to action for the WWII Veterans to record their experiences for themselves, their families, and posterity. Mr.Gerhard Johnson: Thank you for your willingness to share, and so poignantly, with Kathleen Marsh and the world, your wrenching experiences. God bless you and your dear, motivated mother.
Posted on the 36th Division Association Website Message Board by Thriver on 09/10/05

We so enjoyed your book about Gerhard’s life, just couldn’t put it down. We thought maybe the book meant more to us because we knew Gerhard and you but I loaned it to some of my friends at work and they agreed it was one of the best they have read in awhile. Even though they didn’t know Gerhard, they were touched.   I shed a few tears while reading, which by the way I started right after the funeral and finished before we went for supper.  So just had to let you know how we felt.
Pat and Ray West

This book is phenomenal. It should be required reading for all high school students!
Korean War Veteran
Manitowoc, WI

I opened the book and thought, what did I get myself into? I hate war stories! Three hours and a half-box of tissues later I finished the book because I couldn't put it down. This is a fantastic story and proves war is hell no matter what side you are on.
Lillian Williamson
Lakewood, WI

This is a must-read story!  Kathleen truly captured Gerhard's "voice."
Kristin Stankewicz, Hull, England

I LOVED this book! It is just so very INTERESTING I couldn't put it down!
Betty Mixdorf
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I really enjoyed My Mother Kept a Scrapbook. I had never read a true account of a WWII POW before and it opened my eyes to how much these men suffered. EVERYONE should read this book.
Mary Fischer
Townsend, Wisconsin

Scrapbook is an excellent must-read. It details the trials and tribulations of POWs and their will to survive while maintaining thoughts of home and family.
Joseph P. O'Donnell
Ex POW-Stalag Luft IV
Robbinsville, New Jersey

This is an incredible story. Congratulations on telling Gerhard's story, especially the part about the Shoe Leather Express, which is sadly missing in WWII historical acccounts.
Bryon Van Fleet
The Texas Bookstore

I am at a loss for words as to thank you for writing this wonderful book. The cover is just beautiful and the telling of Gerhard's story is written so truthfully. You are a very great author! This book is a must-read for POWs, veterans and all students of history.
Johnnie Carr
Bastrop, TX

I started reading this book one evening. Every chapter's ending made me want to read just one more. I ended up reading the entire book that night. What an inspirational, impressive story!
Glen Jacobsen
Wittenberg, WI


My Mother Kept a Scrapbook; the True Story of a WWII POW

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