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The Truth About Townsend Volume I: 1860-1940 Transforming the Northwoods

My husband and I are with the Oconto County Genealogical Society and our current project is documenting the schools of the county.  We bought your book, “The Truth About Townsend” and I have to say, it was excellent reading.  I felt like you were talking to me through the pages.  You certainly gathered a wealth of information.  What a treasure for generations to come.
Connie Jacobs
Oconto Falls, WI

My wife bought your book at the Homecoming and Reunion you sponsored in Townsend. I started reading it and had to force myself to put it down. Thank you so much for writing this!
Dick Hahn
Archibald Lake, Townsend

Our entire family really enjoyed reading your book. Our family has been in Townsend forever and we so appreciate what you have done to preserve our heritage. Thank you!
Midge and Byron Fenn

We are new to Townsend and we are reading your book slowly so as to savor it! What a great job! It is so interesting and so enjoyable to read.
Kathy Davison
Red Maple Lane

We just wanted to drop you a note to say how much we enjoyed your books "My Mother Kept a Scrapbook" and "Townsend Volume 1".   Our daughter, Haley,  and I have read the first mentioned, Karl and I  have read "Townsend" and he is next to read 'My Mother...".  We are so anxious for volume two of Townsend.  Being new to Townsend, it is such interesting reading.  Your writing is wonderful and we look forward to more!
Patti & Karl Mueller

I just read your book about Townsend. I couldn't put it down. Such great history and information! You captured every detail. Enjoyed the pictures as well. I also bought a copy for my mother. She was delighted and couldn't put it down either. My mother and father have had their cottage in Townsend for 41 years--we rarely missed a weekend to come up north when we were children. Now we have a place on Reservoir Pond. We have seen a lot of change but there is no place like Townsend! That is why your book has really shed some light on what it was like years ago (how the lakes were made, the logging, the history of the church) seemed to capture it all. I am so looking forward to reading Volume II.

Patti Premo
(Whispering Pines)
Hartland, Wisconsin


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