Sunrise Sunset

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A tale of friendship forged by life's hardships, both physical and psychological, Sunrise Sunset is an eye-catching, good-looking book. It is well-written with a five star plot. Ellie and Janelle are dynamic, fully-drawn characters. Though most novels have a single protagonist, this has two of them and the reader ultimately winds up rooting for them both.
Writer's Digest

Staying in bed was a lot easier when I had your book to read--read the whole book yesterday, and really loved it.  Of course, being from Wisconsin, I loved having the story set there--and after finishing it, I thought of my father--Irwin (or Steve, as he liked to be called).  He attended my daughter's wedding out here in 1987--had a great time dancing up a storm, and died the following year.  Mary's oldest child Stephanie (who is pictured in the front of the family history book) was born about six months later after his death.  I mentioned to our pastor that it was too bad that Dad, whom he had met, didn't live to see his little granddaughter and he replied" One door closes, and another one opens"--the same observation as "Sunrise, Sunset".
Donna Haanen
Queensbury, New York

I just finished Sunrise, Sunset this afternoon. I hate it when I can't put a good book down. It's like eating cheesecake. I have to finish it but then it leaves me wanting more. I really enjoyed the  book; you did a beautiful job. I'll always think of these characters when I hear the song "Sunrise Sunset."

Victoria Rogstad
DePere, Wisconsin

I finally got time to read
Sunrise, Sunset and I thought it was really great. I also wanted to let you know people are coming into the bookstore asking for your book. I find that very exciting!
Jane Sprangers, Owner of Book Worm Bookshop
Appleton, Wisconsin

I ordinarily would not pick up a book probably intended for women. HOWEVER, I really have to say I enjoyed the book, especially the second half. I must also admit it made me teary-eyed at the end.
Richard Fisher
Townsend, WI

I am unable to get out of my mind your wonderful book Sunrise Sunset. My wife has Alzheimers and I thank you for writing so compassionately about this terrible disease. You are great writers and you really know how to touch one's heart.
Johnnie Carr
Bastrop, TX
(Husband of Alzheimer's Patient)

Kathie--I have just finished reading Sunrise Sunset. I really enjoyed it. The story just confirmed my thinking that teaching brings more important things to life than money; realizing what you have done to help young people is so much more important than the almighty dollar. Congratulations to you and Heather in this work of love!
Bev Stock
Casa Grande, AZ

Heather Sprangers, one of the two authors was kind enough to come and talk with our group about her book Sunrise, Sunset which she co-wrote with her friend and former teacher, Kathleen Marie Marsh. We had a wonderful time with Heather and really learned a lot about their friendship, how they decided to co-author the book, and their struggles to have it published. It was especially great fun to be able to ask questions and to find out which parts/characters of the book were based on fact and which were pure fiction. Thank you, Heather--you and Kathleen are an inspiration. Bravo! Your efforts have produced a memorable and touching story about two women, their problems, and the strength drawn from their friendship. We learn that people are not always as strong or as weak as they may seem; and even in the tragedy wrought by Alzheimer's, one can find strength of spirit and opportunity to laugh. Sunrise, Sunset serves to remind us all how precious time is whether we are saying goodbye to someone we love or anticipating long-awaited birth. The highs and lows experienced by the families and friends in this story mirror what many have experienced and offer promise to us all. Thank you for spending time with our group--it was greatly appreciated and will long be remembered.
Peg DeLapp Shawano, WI 

I thank you both for writing Sunrise Sunset. It was like "therapy" for me since I am dealing with infertility issues and your treatment of them is so real. The book made me feel as if I'm not alone.
Kim B.

I really enjoyed Sunrise Sunset. It was so close to home. I empathized with the teaching and union references as well as the cross-generational friendship and dealing with elderly parents.The "donuts in the dryer" made me laugh and cry at the same time!
Brillion Elementary Schools Librarian

Wow! Your book is wonderful. With the right publicity, it could definitely be a bestseller!
Bev Grey, Grandma's Healthy Kids Club
Indianapolis, Indiana - Visit Bev on the web at:

I just finished Sunrise Sunset and I loved it. It made me cry at the end because I was so moved. By the way, what ever happened to that louse Frank?
Marge Thompson, avid reader
Townsend, Wisconsin


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