The Portly Princess of Thynneland

Interesting and unique to talk about weight issues through the use of a fairy tale. Even the names of the characters and the village itself play a part in the tale. The story was interesting and its comments about weight, self-respect and happiness are thoughtful. Telling the story in the class "Once upon a time" way was a bold choice...the author has shown dedication to her story by packaging it so well...nicely bound book with illustrations.
Writer's Digest

The Portly Princess of Thynneland is superbly enhanced with illustrations, witty, fun and highly recommended reading for ages 16-76.
Midwest Book Reviews

It was extremely kind of you to send me a copy of your book The Portly Princess of
Thynneland. I found it to be most interesting and was charmed by the illustrations.
Sarah Ferguson.
Duchess of York

The Portly Princess of Thynneland is a timely and beautifully done fairy tale for modern times, instructive for all of us who care about how we deal with the sensitive issue of obesity. My hearty congratulations to you for this lovely work.
Barbara Lawton
Lieutenant Governor
State of Wisconsin

The Portly Princess is a fun read. I really enjoyed it!
Brillion Elementary Schools Librarian

The Portly Princess of Thynneland

$ 17.95 USD

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