The Truth About Townsend: Volume II (1940-1980)

                                        Poor Man's Paradise

The Truth About Townsend: Volume II (soft cover)

$ 29.95 USD

The Truth About Townsend; Volume II: Poor Man's Paradise (1940-1980) is the continuation of the story of the Town of Townsend, a wide-open North Central Wisconsin logging community that converted from logging to agriculture as its chief economic base after the big woods was cutover. Volume II covers the four decades when Town residents then gradually moved from an agriculture-based economy to tourism as 22 resorts were established in a boom and bust cycle. Poor Man's Paradise records Townsend's valiant attempt to create a dairy industry, citizen contributions to World War II,  the loss of one of its sons in the Bermuda Triangle, its top ten lost treasures, and some truly compelling stories of personal achievement and tragedy. Like the first book, Volume II contains priceless vintage photographs and local color human interest stories. It is based on meticulous research and oral interviews that make northwoods history come alive on its pages.  Price includes book, tax and shipping.

The Truth About Townsend; Volume II (Hard Cover)

$ 39.95 USD

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