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  • what is "unit" desiccant ?
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  • 1unit desiccant,silica gel desiccant,33g clay desiccantdg-国际最给利的老牌




    condensation in your container?  what are the causes?

    there are wild fluctuations in temperature during storage and shipping. sources of moisture in the container include:

    - wooden floorboards
    - wooden pallets
    - the cargo itself

    a drop in temperature can cause the air to release its moisture and condensation forms.

    now what happens your cargo?

    the drop in temperature means sometimes moisture condenses on container roof and sides.
    • “container sweat” drips and causes damage in many forms to your cargo.
    •  during a voyage this process can repeat itself many times.

    the problem with water?

    if the container is loaded in 90% relative humidity and 30 degrees temperature, the air can hold about 27 gram of water per m3.
    if the temperature is lowered to about 0 degree, the air can then only hold about 5 gram of water. the difference, 22 grams will fall out as water and potentially damage your goods.

    how does desiccant mbd-99 work?

    • it picks up ambient moisture to lower the relative humidity inside container.
    • by lowering humidity, it stops the “dew point” from occuring which creates “container sweat”.
    • mbd-99 does not leak, will not pitt or mark your product.
    • mbd-99 holds more than 65% of dry weight.

    positioning your desiccant mbd-99

    placing your mbd-99 in strategic positions  inside your container ensures a dry cargo at the final destination.

    desiccant mbd-99 has very unique features

    • mbd-99 is designed to hold the moisture and not release it back into the container climate.
    • all bags have sewn seams to offer maximum strength and product consistency.
    • independent testing (at 37 deg c and 90% rh) has shown to uptake 65% of its own weight in water.

    measuring desiccant

    1 unit of desiccant refers to its drying capacity, not its volume.  
    a unit is the quantity of desiccant which will absorb 2.00 grams of water vapor at 40% relative humidity at 25 deg c.