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one、production instruction:
 anti-mold sticker is made of many kinds of natural plant essence,extracted by way of biotechnology and unique fermentation technology as well as the special formula.then modulation from various natural plant essential oil,non-toxic. this product is applied to food grade,save and green initiative,heavy metal free ,dmf free. can be applied on package of shoes,handbags,food,medicinal materials,leather,textile,furniture,toy,electron,etc.

two、the function of top one® anti-mold sticker:
  1. anti-mold sticker is a green initiative product,can inhabit or kill bacteria and other fungals effectively,and constantly release odor to protect sealed package items in gasification way.
    2.specification: 1000pcs/roll,aluminum foil package.( size: 5cm*5cm ); 10rolls/carton.


three、anti-mold sticker usage & dosage:
a.took out top one anti-mold sticker from aluminum foil package.
b.put one piece or more pieces top one anti-mold sticker into package box in the last packaging process.
c.lid the package box immediately,and do not open again.
d.the top one anti-mold sticker hasn’t been used should be kept in aluminum foil and seal up.
e. anti-mold sticker : 1-2 pieces to male or female shoes box ;3-4 pieces to long boot;but handbag and suitcase are based on their size, in addition,as different factories have different mould proof measures,dosage can be added in order to strengthen mould proof effect in monsoon climate excessive moisture.customers are advised to use anti-mold sticker on actual condition for optimum efficiency.

four、how to store the  anti-mold sticker haven't used up,in case of waste:
please caculate the packing space first, then you will know how many  anti-mold sticker should be used; in case of waste , the rest anti-mold sticker should be sealed up.

suggestion:put the  anti-mold sticker into dispenser box in the covenient of production;the rest anti-mold sticker seal up in the aluminum foil bag.(dispenser box:60rmb/pcs,1 box for each production line)

five storage time:
 anti-mold sticker validity one year.please use up asap. any anti-mold sticker haven't used ,please use them timely.

six、how to storage ?
 anti-mold sticker stock in a cool environment,avoid sunlight.  

seven、should we change  anti-mold sticker if package re-opened ?
if you re-open shoe box,the bacteria will entrance; we suggest change anti-mold sticker and then seal up. 

eight、does  anti-mold sticker works , when mildew generated ?          top one® anti-mold sticker resist mildew ,but the mildew will disappear which have generated ever before.®