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product introduction

the raw material of the eco-friendly desiccant is purely natural montmorillonite clay ,made by dry and activation.do not contain any additives and chloride.it is the ecofriendly product without corrosion,toxicity,public nuisance.the montmorillonite clay desiccant is the upgrade replacement of silica gel desiccant with cheaper and stable moisture absorption capacity.


detailed description

1.natural material , quick&high absorption capacity.
2.non-toxic and non-corrosive , eco-friendly product.
3.cheap price , high quality.

application:applied to package of shoes,garment,furniture,military use,container,electronic products,food,leather-wear,art ware-gift box, jewel box,tea leaf box ,technical files ,cultural relics, e,tc.

item clay desiccant
bead size 0.5mm-1.5mm, 1-4mm
color aubergine
net weight : 5g-2kg
printing customized
moisture content 0.28%
moisture adsorption 25℃, rh=20%, ≥11%
25℃, rh=40%, ≥18%
25℃, rh=80%, ≥23%
certification rohs, dmf by sgs
standard gjb2494-95, mil-i-8835a