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product introduction

fragrance dehumidifier bag
discription:raw material of dehumidifeir bag is high adsorption calcium chloride,attached with fragrance granular,packed into bags,anti-damp & mildew,bacteria. safe,practical and necessarity for fashion,closet,wardrobe and home appliance.

detailed description

1、characteristic of product:
dehumidifier bags with high adsorption capacity for moisture absorbing,it can slove the problem of molding,absorb moisture to protect cloths away from bacteria & mildew.eco-friendly,non-toxic,dehumidifeir hanger and water container,convenient and practical. 

take out the dehumidifier bag and hang on the closet or drawer, please keep the dehumidifier bag contact air easily, 5-10cm distance between dehumidifier bags and items is needed. 1-2 bags is enough for home furniture,closet;please change new dehumidifier, when cacl2 beads dissloved totally.

1)、do not open before use,in case of getting damp.
2)、do not press during using, in case of breakage.
3)、cacl2 contained , do not eat and eye contact. 
4)、please rinse with water,if eye contact accidetally.