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product introduction

container-dry strip series

product type:500g、600g、1000g、
raw material:calcium chloride、silica gel desiccant、mineral clay desiccant、biochemical desiccant etc(as your request, oem & odm )

description:during the ocean container storage and shipping,there is a large temperature gap between day and night,which makes the moisture in the high termperature container air saturated; then the air termperature in the container will change between 0℃ and 80℃, also the humidity will arise to 98%, this is condensation phenomenon. when the temperature get to 30℃,humidity in the air will be 30.4g/m3. the other water vapour condenses water,we called them "cargo rain",which will do harmful to goods packaging, that's why we need to use container desiccant strips & dry pole for solution.

detailed description

instruction of container desiccant:

1、inspection of container:
please check if the cargo damage or not , such as groove,top & bottom of cargo.the container well closed and seal up.
keep the container dry and clean before loading.
2、test the humidity of the floor in the cargo:
if possible,please keep the humidity of wood pallet under 20%,reduce the risks of getting damped. if unavailable, please increase the container dry strips to protecting goods safety.  do not use the wood pallet ,humidity more than 25%.
3、seal up all the bleeder vent.
4、take out the dry strip from plastic bags.
5、hang cargo dry strips codc-91-10 on the groove of container,keep the desiccant firm. codc-91-14 can be hang on the container hook directly,hang one side, after transverse straightening, one end of the rope tightly tied in parallel on the container with the other end of the ring. 6、please keep 5-10cm distance between goods and dry strips,do not cover the desiccant by your goods in case of air contact and affect the effect of asorption. the capacity of desiccants will enlarge,so desiccant can not be preesed. 7、lock the container.

please use ladder when you hang on the container dry strips.


container dosage
codc-91-10 codc-91-14
20gp 6pcs 4pcs
40gp 12pcs 8pcs
40hq 14pcs 10pcs

if humidity of wooden products more than 20% , we add 1kg desiccant with the increasing of moisture at rate 1.5%.
if shipping linen & cotton mat ,please add 1pcs container desiccant accordingly;for furniture shipping,18% humidity itself, so we add 1kg cargo desiccant with the increasing of moisture at rate 1%.
for cane, palm and seaweed products with moisture made by itself,we need to add 2kgs container desiccant in each container.

if pallets packing ,18% humidity itself, so we add 1kg cargo desiccant with the increasing of moisture at rate 1.5%.