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product introduction

dingxing fiber desiccant is made of pure natural plant fibre through a special production process,thickness 1mm, high adsorptivity and save your cost ! dingxing fiber desiccant moisture absorption rate of 100% absolute environmental protection, in full compliance with eu environmental directives, is unmatched by ordinary desiccant international environmental protection new type of desiccant, is currently the world's replace common desiccant best replace the product, the product is safety and health, environmental protection, can be natural degradation, comply with the requirement of eu customers.

●raw material

appearance:fiber desiccant pet film size:15*35mm ,40*60mm , customized


detailed description

1、product feature
dingxing fiber desiccant is a natural plant fiber as the moisture absorption carrier, can be 100% natural degradation, environment safety desiccant.
high & strong moisture absorption rate
saturated moisture absorption rate can reach 100% of its weight,which is three times stronger than silica geldesiccant, under condition of 25 ℃ ,rh=100% .
beauty and thick fiber card,upper and down layer pet film.
fiber desiccant size & thickness can be customized.
desiccant moisture absorption rate can be adjusted.
2、product quality standard
item technical data test method
appearance white paper,no contamination、adhesion,no obvious damage,clear printing words and pattern, uniformity. visual test
size deviation specification ruller & thickness gauge
moisture content(loss weight) <5% gravimetric method(q/ghbm1-2002)
rh=20% >10%
gravimetric method(q/ghbm1-2002)
rh=50% >35%
rh=80% >80%

3、product specifications and packing
product no. appearance size(mm)(l×w×h) weight(g) max adsorptivity(g) corresponding sio2(g) ctn/no(g)
ff-3 25mm×12mm×1mm 0.2±0.05 0.2 0.5 50000
ff-6 30mm×20mm×1mm 0.4±0.08 0.4 1 30000
ff-15 60mm×25mm×1mm 1.0±0.1 1.0 2.5 18000

1、 max size 600mm * 310mm * 1mm ,other size can be arbitrary cutting.
2、 fiber size: 0.5mm & 1mm
3、 strips,square,round & other appearance.
package:inner plastic bags; outer packing carton:(46cm *34cm* 38cm.
(1)medicine、healthy food、leather、handbag、footwear、garments、electron、pc、hardware.
(2)biochemical、high-quality paper.
(3)seaweed, dried fruit, native products, vacuum food.
(4)ic circuit board、electronic products、art & painting、optronics、archives collection.