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product introduction


collection of non-woven paper-mineral desiccant
specification:1g、2g、3g、5g、10g、20g、50g、100g、200g、 500g、1000g、2000g
packaging material:composite paper,non-woven paper,tyvek,grid paper,aiwa paper and so on.

comment:these products can provide sample drawings and manufacture according to customer requirements。

mineral desiccant is a healthy green desiccant which is natural, non-toxic, pollution-free, pollution-degradable. to protect the ecological environment as the core, we manufacture with the "4r" and "1d" standard green products in the world's industrialized countries, the use of natural raw materials and active moisture absorbent mineral refinement, green, non-toxic, odorless, no harm to human body . it has a good performance in products adsorption at room temperature and normal humidity,and with adsorption activity, static dehumidification and odor removal and other effects.。

product features
it is natural,green and friendly environment,it uses all natural raw mineral material,the process of production and using in non-polluted.it can 100% biodegraded.after the removal of packaging,it can be dealt with as general waste disposal.
high moisture-absorbent: moisture absorption rate is higher than that of silica gel desiccant class more than 50% to 100%.

cacl2 content: much lower than other mineral desiccant exist on the market today.
cost: you can re-use: the product after moisture absorption, after drying, can be used again, thereby reducing costs.


detailed description

classification of mineral desiccant :

two kinds of desiccant can be used as mineral desiccant:

1, montmorillonite desiccant, 2, attapulgite desiccant.

montmorillonite desiccant is made up of natural mineral raw material, its appearance is broken,it's easy pulverized.the moisture absorption rate depends on the amount of montmorillonite content, it will expand after absorbing moisture, the bag is easy broken, but its natural adsorption, non-corrosive property is good for precision instrument, it has the edge on the arms;as for attapulgite desiccan,it's refined from pure natural attapulgite mineral raw material and active hygroscopic agent with adjustable moisture absorption rate for globular appearance, iits easy packed, but it contains chlorine ion, without harmness to the human body but have contact corrosion to metal products, generally it will not used for anti- rust product drying.dongguan ding xing industrial co., ltd.has developed efficient environmental protection mineral desiccant which did not add chlorine ion surfactant,it has expanded its mineral internal pore to achieve higher adsorption effect independently , therefore the problem that the attapulgite desiccant cannot be used in precision instruments and dry rust on military products has been solved,besides,it combines fast adsorption speed ,low price of the mineral desiccant. compared with other types of desiccant sold on the market at present,the efficient environmental protection mineral desiccan not only has fast adsorption speed, high adsorption capacity,it's also non-toxic, tasteless, no contact corrosion, no pollution of the environment.

product index
1 particle:1~3mm 、2~4mm、 3~5mm,2-4mm,2-5mm,2-6mm

2 screening percent of pass:95%

3 packaging moisture:less than 2%

4 compressive strenth:15.0n/particle

weight percent of pass:98%

density: 0.72kg/l

dynamic moisture absorption quantity

rh absorption quantity 

100% 58.0%

80% 43.0%

40% 30.6%

20% 14.2%
mineral desiccant is widely used in clothing, footwear, leather flooring, glass, container, container and sealed vapor seal that can not be used in products, such as: optical instruments, electronic products, medical care, food packaging and products for civilian and military products

1, the efficiency and the need to protect environmental montmorillonite desiccant products together into the bag (box), and then sealed (very important) is okay.
2, the product in use, unused should be sealed as quickly as possible, to avoid affecting the results, exposure to air, preferably not more than 2 hours. under
3, normal condition, unused desiccant storage period is one year. during transportation to avoid rain, moisture and sunlight.