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product introduction

raw material:biochemical desiccant


packaging material:composite paper、non-woven、dupont paper and so on.

main components:raw materials are made from mineral,and is a stable chemical properties of the aluminum silicate. the formation of non-chemical, heavy metal content is lower than the eu and u.s. regulations limit. itself does not contain acidic, so discarded it after use will not pollute the soil, water and air environments.

detailed description

new biochemical can 100% natural degraded and take natural plant fiber as carrier, and is environmentally friendly desiccant.there is a good performance in adsorption in room temperature and normal humidity , with adsorption activity, saturated moisture absorption rate of its own weight of 300% (25 ℃, rh = 100%), is 20 times that of ordinary silica gel desiccant, the longest time effectively control humidity 30 -90 has static dehumidification , odor removal and other effects. packaging material selection breathable cotton paper and other materials for moisture, toughness, puncture resistance, corrosion resistance, no return seepage, anti-static. currently on the market compared to other types of desiccant adsorption is not only fast, high adsorption capacity for water vapor and other condensable vapor has a high adsorption capacity, and non-toxic, colorless, odorless, non-corrosive in contact , no pollution, can be used in food packaging, harmless.
second, the application
the product does not contain any additives, corrosive substances and chloride, natural processing. ph value is neutral on any metal without any resistance. can be widely used in textiles, shoes, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, pharmaceuticals, food products, high-low-level moisture.