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product introduction


raw material:quicklime

usage:quicklime desiccant is used for food purposes such as biscuits,wantwant rice crackers,nuts and so on.

lime (calcium oxide) is a natural calcium carbonate (caco3)which becomes solid particles after high-temperature calcification, that is hygroscopic material and environmentally friendly desiccant , which does not contain harmful substances and heavy metals limited by europe and us . the work of absorbent desiccant material is achieved by the calcium oxide and water through a chemical reaction that is consumed in the water space of the package contents, and thus play the role of the drying moisture absorption, the process of moisture absorption is a chemical reaction process, this process is irreversible.

detailed description


the raw material of quicklime reacts with water heating.if there are signs of burn symptoms,please go to see the doctor immediately.if ingest the powdered quicklime after moisture absorption,you just need to gargle.non-toxic quicklime is a substance which is used in food additives.however,its aqueous solution has strong alkaline,and it will stimulate the mucous membranes, so drink plenty of water or milk or go to see the doctor after ingesting the desiccant.
please don't burn it after abandoning, because there is possibility of the raw lime heat when it contacts water,and remember don't throw it in damp places.