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product introduction

effective substance content:90(%) specification:25*25cm
usage:packaging material cas:1

1 effectively anti-mold; 
2 safe and harmless if it is used under the right instruction;
3 non-pollution and non-rubbish;
4 come into work in according to climate and humidity;
5 function only with a light touch;
6 dispel odor and keep your leather works fresh smelling

detailed description

  this product can be used in footwear, gloves,and other leather products to protect can effectively restrain, eliminate or eradicate the mold and bacteria of  footwear, handbags and other leather products,which can reduce packaging storing odor, then protect them and extend the life of the product. products traits:it is made by recyclable ldpe matrix material, anti-mold and anti-bacterial ingredients and controlled release factors. trace water antibacterial and antifungal agents active ingredient with environmental moisture or mold and bacteria respiration occurs continuously generated and sustained action to release the active factor with efficient sterilization capabilities. therefore, as long as the moisture of environment,or the presence of fungal or bacterial ,high-effective bactericidal activity can be sustained by the slow release of the mold sheet to protect the integrity of the article embodiment. this product can also automatically adjust mold release and activity of factor according to articles in the package depending on the size or micro-humidity environment ,such as the growth of bacteria, mold, this release features and the use of renewable valid can improve anti-mold and antibacterial efficiency. its antifungal, antibacterial have certificates by testing organizations, non-fat dimethyl fumarate (dmf), in line with eu standards. packing: plastic composite high barrier film vacuum packaging, the size of mold paper and packaging specifications can be chose.we can meet your need,and the common specifications is 25cm * 25cm / usage: this product is easy to use, this product can be directly put in the article then into packing boxes or wrapped up in an article in the bag or the box.